Friday, May 9, 2008


A few shots of people I ran into over lunch.  Two of my former students who have become regulars at this conference, Alan Mudd and Kenneth Jewell from Continuum, and found them horsing around with Steve Montgomery, who I worked with at Hauser (we go back to the time of the green shag carpet, and later, the office overlooking the pet cemetery, and alas, Hauser itself has gone on to the place where design offices go to die), and who I have been teaching with at Art Center for quite a number of years now.

Gaylon White from Eastman Chemical, always a generous sponsor for conferences and especially design education. Check out their innovation web site. It's got a wealth of information for designers, about designers that they've worked with and interesting applications of their materials. Not your dull engineering site. 

This July, Eastman is bringing together materials guru Chris Lefteri and Art Center students in a designstorm with our Color, Materials, Trends Exploration Lab  (CMTEL) in a special exploration surrounding materials use. 

Gaylon has a talent for finding designers with vision. Case in point, on display at the conference is the eyewear designed by IDEO for the "Collective Vision" project. A couple of my favorites from that project, below:
This one is an elegant play on the veils we used to see on ladies' hats (when we used to see ladies wearing hats).

... and Gaylon wouldn't be able to operate without Anna Laws, his right hand. Here she is in the "room of swag," with a towering pile of Eastman tote bags behind her.

One of the goodies in the tote bags is a bottle of "Y Water," a flavored water designed for kids, package designed by Yves Behar's Fuseproject, using a material developed by Eastman, designed to have a second life as a building toy after they're used.

I think you can tell I've been lagging behind in my posts today, as compared to yesterday. I promise you I'll catch up when I look over my notes later.

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