Saturday, May 17, 2008

Go Sparks!

And now for something completely different. Allow me a moment of congratulations to LA Sparks' new hire, Candace Parker. She was a joy to watch today as she, Lisa Leslie, and the rest of the Sparks kicked butt (actually, it was more like a hard-won and closely-fought nail biter) over Phoenix in today's WNBA opener. It should be an interesting season.

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Wendee said...

Katherine, I would have *never* figured you as a Sparks fan. I'm just gobsmacked.
I was happy enough to have found this great collection of design research thoughts, and now this! Too cool! Great photo of you, too. Looking forward to catching up on earlier posts.

Me? No, sorry, BigTen football is my thing; but such an oddity, all the same, huh? Designers that are into main stream sports? ...